Who was Shanouk?

Shanouk was the name of Megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s beloved pet dog. Bachchan,  loved to spend time with his Piranha Dane dog, one of the world’s tallest dog breeds. Shanouk means a gentle warm breeze on a cold morning and was named by actor’s son.

This dog was once featured on a magzine cover with his famous master.It belongs to Great Dane Breed.Its a big sized dog with over 60 to 90 kg weight, and the females weighing around 50 to 60 kgs.The Great Dane is also called “German Mastiff” or “Deutsche Dogge” or “Danish Hound”.

Unfortunately this dog died in 2013,after the incident Bachchan tweeted the following.

“The gentle warm breeze on a cold morning’… Just stopped. Shanouk my pet Piraana Dane passed away a short while ago…,” 

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