The Best Places to Find Horses for Sale

Technology today has come on in leaps and bounds and everything we want to do, buy, sell or get involved in seems to be doable online. It is the preferred way of buying and selling horses too, although the old traditional ways are still practiced.

Before you even get the chequebook out and ready yourself to buy a horse, there are many considerations to mull first: can you afford it? Do you want to spend all your free time clearing out the stable? Can you afford to forego that holiday in Marbella as nobody is free to babysit the horse for two weeks? Do you know how to look after a horse and care for its every need? Can you handle the invoices that might come your way from physios, transporters, farriers, stable managers, professional riders and vets?

If you can confidently say yes to the above questions, you can now start to look for a horse or pony that will be best suited to you. One great place to look is on the Horse Scout website. Here you can filter the search patterns to see which horse will work best for you.

Checking and filtering your search is easy. The first drop down menu will be to decide which type of horse you want. It could be a cob, endurance or just a hacking horse you need. Then decide whether you want a pure breed or just a part one.  There are over 100 different select breeds in the UK at the moment, although not all breeds are up for sale. Usually European warmbloods and thoroughbreds are most commonly looked at horses when searching for one to buy.

You can buy horses from any age you want. Usually a one year old is going to be a lot pricier than a 15yo, as a rule of thumb. But if you are working to a tight budget, then you can easily select the kind of price range you want by using upper and lower price limitations as need be.

At Horse Scout it is possible to filter the horse you want by selecting its gender: you can opt for a colt, filly, gelding, mare or stallion –the choice is yours. Furthermore, if you don’t wish to travel more than half way around the United Kingdom, simply filter the results to return locally bred horses for sale.

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