Small Breeds

We present to you some of the most famous minions among our four-legged friends. Dogs of these breeds are memorable, temperamental, must be grown inside and … are just like small plush toys.




This is one of the oldest breeds in North America. It is assumed that it originated in China, although it is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Representatives of this breed reach 15-20cm in height at the withers and the weight varies from 500 grams to 2.5 kilograms.

Chihuahuas are very graceful, funny, with high intelligence. They are devoted to their master and are famous with their cleanliness.




They are also called “monkeys” because of their sweet “monkey” mug and great curiosity. They come from Germany as the early dogs were larger and have been grown to hunt rats in their homes.

TheĀ  Afenpinchers reach 25-30sm height and 3-4kg weight. The coloring is black.

These dogs are very vigilant, alert guards, always ready to protect farmers, despite their small size.




The Papillon is an old ornamental breed emanating from France. In the 13th century these uniquely beautiful puppies inspired a number of artists, especially in Italy.

The dogs with “butterfly” ears reach about 25 cm height and weight of 1,5-3,5kg. Their silky hair is long, varied colors, but always with large patches of white base.


Yorkshire Terrier


The well-known Yorkie was much bigger at the beginning than we are used to seeing it today. It was commonly used for hunting rats and other small rodents. Today it is known as “ladies’ dog and is frequently considered more like a fashion accessory than a living creature.

This Terrier weighs an average of about 3 kg. The coat has a different length, the hair can be long or medium length. Nuances are gray-blue with golden brown.

The exception is a variation of the Yorkshire terrier – Tea Cup. The weight of these dogs is about 1 kg, and the height is 15 cm.

The Yorkie is irreplaceable family friend. It is playful, loving and true to its owners.


Mini Poodle


It is believed that poodles are derived from France.

TheĀ  height of these dogs reaches about 25 cm, weight is about 4-5kg. Color of coat is whether black, white, gray, blue, cream, etc.

Poodles are susceptible to training, which is why their quality is often used in circus acts. They are sensitive, intelligent and even dramatic. This, of course, is magnified by their selfless love for the owners, especially children.


Chinese Naked dog


These dogs were brought from Africa to America on Chinese ships. Their purpose was hunting rats and mice. Today this is one of the most impressive and expensive breeds.

Their height is about 30 cm, weight 4-5kg. These animals are strongly attached to family, very funny, dedicated and true.

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