Popular Methods Used To Stop Kitten Biting

When you get a new kitten or cat, you will have to adjust to its habits and temperament. Cats are mostly counted to be one of the more mildest pets that you can own. But even a few will act instinctively and will feel the need to take their frustration out on somebody who was in the closest vicinity.

The most ordinary cause for cat biting is that they feel endangered or are particularly disagreeable or responding to particular instincts. When they feel troubled or stressed in anyway they will ordinarily respond by biting the individual close to them or the person who is vexing them.  This bad behaviour will come out when they are kittens and this is the perfect time to teach them not to do this.

As kittens they learn to bite for fun. Utilising your hands to play with them and to permit them to continue biting or even scratching you is what will advance them to attack you as they grow older. Instead of using your hands instruct them to play fight with a scratching post or plush toys.

Anytime they seek to bite your hands tell them “no” firmly and if you need to give them a precise light pop on the nose. If this isn’t getting through to them you can always employ the water bottle and shower them with water.

When they are older they may bite somebody out of spite or because they are shocked. I have seen cats become afraid because someone sneaked up on them. The cat jumped in the air and the claws instinctively came out and scraped the person’s foot. Whatever you do don’t take this to heart if they bite or scratch because of this. This is all in their instincts. Rather let them know that everything is fine and try to calm them down.

Numerous cats are more persistent than others and will not listen to hearing you say ‘no’ and might even relish the water you spray at them. When this comes about it is time to take other maneuvers. You can try hissing at them or banging your hand clamorously on the floor next to them. No matter what you do never hit your cat. This is hurtful for any reason.

One of the more severest forms of punishment to perform is to grab your cat by the scruff of the neck and keeping them near to the floor. Yet, this should never be used first and is only for the stubborn cats.

Utilizing the proper techniques can help put a stop to cat biting in every form. Instructing your cat the correct way to play will assist to keep them happy and safe when you have kids in the home.

Cat Biting is a problem that should be stopped when they are kittens before it can lead to Cat Scratch Disease. Other problems to keep an eye out for are Cat Hairballs.

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