Pet Winter Clothing

While animals usually have fur to keep them warm and protected, sometimes it is not enough for domesticated animals during the winter. For animals that stay outside especially, a cold gust of wind on a rainy day may be all it takes to bring your pet down with a cold or just pure discomfort. Although you might not be able to afford leaving your heater on all day, a few sets of winter clothes should be sufficient to keep your pet warm and comfortable.
From articles as simple as a sweater to elaborate as a snowsuit with hoodie, there are many clothes available to suit both your pet’s taste as well as your own. Similar to human jackets, fleece is often used in pet jackets as a great insulating material that is comfortable and soft. Many outfits also have built in harnesses so you don’t have to go through the extra step of attaching leash to his collar again. On wet days, you can even put your pet in a rain jacket so his fur stays dry, keeping you safe from any unwanted doggy sprays. As a safety precaution, reflective jackets are also available to keep your pet safe from cars at night on a slick road.
While most outfits are oriented towards dogs, there are also a variety of more fitted cat sweaters available that won’t get in the way of your cat’s agility. If it snows in your area, and you are worried about your cat’s paws freezing up, you can also make sure he puts on a pair, or two, of snow boots before he goes exploring. However, boots that cover up a cat’s claws may be uncomfortable for him since he needs his claws for defense, so be sure to supervise your puss in boots when he goes outside.
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