What Kind of Family Is Perfect for a Cockapoo?

What Kind of Family Is Perfect for a Cockapoo?

Choosing a new dog to join the family is difficult for anyone to do. There are a number of different factors to take into account that go beyond how cute he looks and how you get on with him initially.

When it comes to Cockapoos, there are a few types of family in which you can expect him to feel at home and enjoy a good lifestyle more easily.

A Home with Young Kids

It is no secret that these dogs are wonderful with young children. They can be a terrific addition to a family that has youngsters, as they add so much life and joy to everyone’s lives.

This is great news for the parents too. As well as seeing how their children enjoy playing with their puppy, they also get the pleasure of seeing them grow up together.

This doesn’t mean that homes with no children can’t have Cockapoos in them. However, you are unlikely to regret taking one home if you have youngsters there who will love playing with him.

The Possibility of Constant Company

A huge problem for many people is that they are out at work all day long. This means leaving their pet alone for a number of hours every day, which is far from ideal with any type of dog.

Some breed cope better with being all alone at home than others. Cockapoos aren’t in this category, as they want to have constant company around them.

These dogs don’t like being left alone for long periods and might get stressed or anxious if it happens, possibly leading to disasters such as ruined furniture and soiled carpets. Therefore, it is only worth considering getting a lovely Cockapoo is he is going to have access to company pretty much all day long.

A Family That Offers Enough Exercise

Cockapoos aren’t the most demanding dogs around in terms of their daily exercise regime. Yet, they also don’t want to just sit around all day long without moving a single muscle.

Bearing this in mind, you will want to also be able to give him enough healthy exercise on a regular basis too. If you want a dog that is going to be lazy and not need much exercise then there are other breeds that are likely to be more suitable.

If your heart is set on a Cockapoo then you need to set aside time to give him some exercise. This could be as simple as a daily walk to the park and it could help you to feel fitter as well as keeping him happy.

A Loving Home

Above all, these gorgeous dogs want a loving home where they feel like part of the family. Cockapoos are very friendly, sociable dogs who will soon become the life and soul of any house if they are allowed to.

If you are ready to give him a special place in your family that this kind of pooch is ideal. You will see over the years how he pays you back with tons of love and affection.

This post was written by Mike from www.cockapoohq.com

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