Exotic Cats for Pets

The cat is probably the most independent domestic pet anyone can have. They look after themselves and can be affectionate pets, but usually only on their terms. The types of cat vary from the standard ‘moggie’ to the more exotic varieties.

The Wonderful World of Cats

There are the Persian, the Siamese and the Burmese cats which you can pay quite a lot for in a pet shop, or from a breeder. The long haired Persian is the most difficult to look after because of the long hair which gets tangled on a daily basis. They need regular grooming with a special hair brush, and to confound things the cat has a go at doing its own grooming. This can result in knots of fur, hair balls and a generally untidy looking cat.

The Burmese and the Siamese are quite the opposite. They have short hair and are slim tidy creatures which require little maintenance. The cost of the exotic cat is anything from £100 to £400 so it’s a big price to pay for a pet. Are they worth it?

There is no doubting the fact that cats do what they want. As we have said, they are independent and can look after themselves, quite nicely. They sleep for much of the day, and owners get to the point where they just expect their cat to be curled up in a warm part of the house, and not expect any particular greeting when they come in from work.

If your feline friend sits on your lap, it’s probably because it’s a better place than the floor or the sofa. When your cat does eventually make a move, it may come and rub up along your legs, be purring and being very friendly, and that normally means it would like a drink or some of its favorite food. They do enjoy fish, but most owners find their cats often prefer the tins of cat food from the supermarkets.

Having eaten its evening meal, your cat will either continue sleeping or maybe go out for a stroll. A cat ‘flap’ set into an exterior door is good for allowing the cat to go in and out whenever it wants to. The cat doors can be purchased from pet shops or online, but they do need to be fitted properly. Some cat doors are set to open by an electronic tag which is activated by a sensor.

Your exotic cat will need to have a collar and name tag just in case it wanders off and cannot find its way home. That’s quite unusual as cats have a directional instinct where they always know how to get back to the place they know is warm and safe (and has food waiting). However there are exceptions, with some world records. One cat in Wales returned after being away for seven years!

In summing up a cat’s attitude, one author said:
”A dog will always come to you when called, a cat will ask you to leave a message and it will get back to you”

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