The Appeal of Rabbits as Pets

Rabbits are a good choice, if you are considering ideas for a new pet. These animals are the ideal pet for childless couples and families with older children. You might find it difficult to imagine that rabbits are caring creatures, however, in reality, they are loving pets and enjoyable to own. Trained house rabbits will respond when called, and these animals can be shown how to use litter trays. Occasionally, cats tend to sulk, however, rabbits are never miserable.

Unfortunately, rabbits are not really suitable to own, if you have young children. Rabbits are timid and fragile by nature, so rowdy children can scare them. Nonetheless, rabbits are excellent pets for older children, teenagers and adults. Pet rabbits are loyal, faithful companions, and friends that enjoy attention, need cuddles and lap up affection.

Rabbit are much more than cuddly pets. They are extremely clever creatures that often try to outwit their owners. Bright rabbits can be rather mischievous and their agility allows them to escape from all sorts of situations. Then again, these cuddly creatures enjoy attention and want to play. Typically, rabbits do not like playing by themselves. These furry beasts want you to engage with them and join them in play. Seasoned rabbit owners realize that they have to rabbit proof their homes, or safeguard certain rooms at least. Curious rabbits will enjoy moving between different rooms to search for tasty morsels.

Dogs and cats like to be held, however most rabbits do not enjoy this. If you hold your rabbit gently for a couple of seconds each day, he might decide he enjoys being held. Notwithstanding, in the majority of cases, rabbits are sociable creatures, unlike cats.

Rabbits require hutches and some space to wander around, so they are perfect pets for people who live in apartments. Rabbits are not noisy animals, which is a desirable characteristic in a pet. Generally speaking, the hutches ought to be five times as big as the rabbits, and situated in an appropriate area of the room. Some pets can get in the way, but this is not the case with rabbits.

Rabbits are ideal pets. They are funny, intelligent, pretty and furry creatures. You will like playing with and talking to your new companions, however do not be surprised to discover rabbit hairs on your clothes after cuddling them. This is a small price to pay though, for the amount of joy they can bring to your life. Pay them the attention they crave and you will have a friend for life, who will love you unconditionally.

One thing’s for sure. Give rabbits a home, play with and love the creatures, learn their likes and dislikes, and you will become infatuated with your furry friends. Actually, you will start to feel compassionate towards your lonesome rabbits and wind up purchasing them some mates. Be wary of the result if you purchase a doe and a buck, because rabbits can quickly reproduce.

Rabbits have numerous characteristics; actually, they have everything people want in pets. Dogs and cats take a lot of looking after, however this is not so with rabbits. Perhaps a rabbit might be the best choice for your next family pet.

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