3 Things About The Japanese Spitz You May Want to Know

The Japanese Spitz or Samoyeds as they are otherwise known are a treat to have around. Having been recognised as a proper breed only recently, this breed has gained quite an impressive number of followers ever since. Owing to its excellent qualities and charming appearance, many pet owners are grateful for its discovery. But let’s not forget maintaining a pet is not a child’s play especially if its high breed like this one. This is one outspoken and fiercely independent dog, don’t try taming it the circus-lion way. You are bound to fail!


Maintaining this little fur ball is not an arduous or demanding task as they are one of the tidy breeds and puddles and dirt is not their cup of tea. They’ve profuse and thick furry coating but due to its silky texture, it’s easier to comb out the dirt. The well-groomed ones should be washed once a month and combed regularly during their shedding period.

Dietary Habits

They’re not fussy when it comes to food and will eat anything served with love! Train your puppy to eat at particular meal times in order to avoid going its dietary habits from going astray. Dry food recommended by the vet is the best choice in terms of nutrient content and improves their oral cavity by strengthening their teeth. Apart from water, yogurt can also be served as its beneficiary for your dog’s health.

Activity and rest

They are social beings who love time to time amusements and these animated fur balls often keep themselves busy in stimulating activities. So, long dog walks should not be a problem when it comes to them. But yes, timely exercises are necessary for their mental and physical health. At the same time, ensure that they get plenty of sleep time and give their mischievous little minds ample amount of rest!

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